Is your computer store giving you everything you need?

What to look for when buying a computer from a company?

  1. Look at their consumer list– What does their consumer profile consist of and do the clients have any reviews? Find out who is buying from the company and why they selected that company.
  2. Word on the Street– What are people saying about the company you are looking to buy from? What are people saying about the product that they sell?  Look at consumer reviews or call the company and ask them about their services.
  3. Can you trust them? – Trust is not something that should be given away, but rather earned. Does the company run tests on their computer systems or are they more concerned with just pumping out product? How long has the company been around for and have they won any awards? This all factors into a quality assurance score. Nobody wants to make a broken investment
  4. Location, Location, Location– Where is the company located? Receiving something as fragile as a computer from overseas can cause a lot of implications especially if something goes wrong with the product.  Not to mention all the different components that can be configured incorrectly and could take months and years for you to get it repaired because of the distance and time/zone difference.
  5. Quality Support– Does the company offer online and real time support? What does their service profile look like? Are the engaged in their community and active in trade shows, constantly trying to improve their product

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